Welcome to REORG Fitness

Our questions to you

  • Are you looking for experience science based coaching, focused on building your endurance, mental and physical fortitude?
  • Looking to build self confidence? We at REORG Fitness believe that the most important thing a coach can teach you is confidence.
  • Do you want that feeling of being able to tackle any situation with confidence in your ability? Something that can translate to everyday life. 
  • Are you struggling to stick to a training schedule around your life?
  • Looking to share accountability of your training with a coach?
  • Do you want an easy way to keep track of your training anywhere, anytime?
  • Has your performance plateaued?


How REORG fitness can help you

  • Your own elite personalised science based programming fitted around your life.
  • Incorporating  techniques taught to British Special Forces soldiers (UKSF) and elite sports and business leaders worldwide.
  • Accountability for your training.
  • iOS and Android app access anywhere, anytime and one to one coaching via Skype, other media platforms or email support.
  • STRAVA link and Garmin connect analysis to track your training.
  • You the athlete have access to the coaches unique experience and mindset.
  • We will increase your performance.
  • This will be the next evolution of your training.


Performance enhancement

We offer exclusive personal coaching to committed athletes. This however, is not to be confused with race distances or level of experience. The exclusive programming directly reflects the work time involved, flexibility of approach and level of customisation.

Monthly online coaching packages include a comprehensive athlete induction call prior to weekly scheduling. and other essential information is communicated via Skype, messenger, telephone etc, enabling us to build an Individualised high performance training plan that is tailored to your schedule, level of time, commitment, ability and equipment available to you.

Coaching calls via phone, online meeting, Skype, Face Time etc. Free mobile app for iOS and Android so you can access your workouts from a mobile phone or tablet and share data for analysis. With initial field tests to identify your individual strengths and limitations. Access (through App) sport specific workouts teaching bio-mechanics, mental fortitude, endurance, strength, power, speed and race performance for your given discipline.

Incorporating  techniques taught to British Special Forces soldiers (UKSF). Your progress is tracked through Strava and regular comms with us, as well as regular testing incorporated into your training schedule. 

Danny Evans

Our Reorg fitness sponsored athlete. 

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