REORG Fitness Health Disclaimer

Terms and conditions of membership

REORG Fitness recommends that you check with your health care provider/Doctor before beginning  any training program so to avoid / reduce the risk of injury. Before entering into any training program with REORG Fitness you should ensure you are in good physical condition and have disclosed any injury’s current or past to REORG Fitness at the time of the initial consultation.

REORG Fitness would like you to understand that when participating in exercise there is a possible risk of physical injury. By agreeing to participate in any training prescribed by REORG Fitness you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury, and agree to release and discharge REORG Fitness from any and all claims. In addition by participating in any and all training prescribed to you by REORG Fitness you agree to be honest and show the up most levels of integrity in reference to disclosing truthful results and accurate recording of completed prescribed physical training. REORG Fitness cannot be held responsible for dishonest discloser and inaccurate recording of physical training prescribed and therefore is not responsible for failure to maintain or improve towards training goals if this occurs.     

By participating in any training REORG Fitness prescribes you agree to all of the above.